Ready for production designs in the Houseboat field:

                                            Electric Steering control:


This board is ready to manufacture. It is a servo amplifier that can output up to 30 amps of current at 12-14 volts.  The input is designed for a –10v to +10v signal. It requires a 12V actuator with a revolver pot.


The circuit has PWM voltage control and automatic direction change over at zero input voltage.  This circuit is being used on the Electric Houseboat.

                                               Low frequency transfer switch:


This Switch transfers a load from the generator to the inverter when the generator frequency drops to a predetermined frequency and back to the generator when the generator is restarted. The circuit provides a dead time in the change over to prevent any cross connecting of the inverter and the generator and permit the load to loose any stray voltages it may hold. The two dead times are adjustable on the board. The frequency of the changeover is selected by an on board code switch. The disconnect of the load from the generator takes place when the first cycle of the generator output is longer they the cycle length of the preset frequency.  


This circuit is also on the Electric Houseboat.

                                                          Water level switches:


This circuit can be used with the HowFullAmI tank gauges. One can be used to discount the water pump when the tank is empty, to prevent damage to the pump. Then a another one that will turn on a water treatment system when the water level of the tank drops be low a preset level. Then turn it off when the tank is full.  All of these level switches are used on the Electric Houseboat.

We have software and circuits to monitor functions on houseboats, including steering position, throttle settings, GPS data including direction, position, speed and altitude, on screen camera box and etc. All of this is on the Electric Houseboats.


We are working on other designs at this time. If you have a need for, or an ideal  for a product we would be happy to work with you