Tank Gauges


The Gauge

Sender Unit

The HowFullAmI tank gauges are a product of the Electric Houseboat. While the design process was taking place for the Electric houseboat we discovered that tank gauges were very unreliable.


The gauge is a bar graph with ten green LED’s  that indicates the liquid level to 10% resolution. There is a yellow warning LED that indicates that a waste tank is up to 60% full or a water tank is down to 40% full. Then there are flashing yellow and red LED’s indicating that a waste tank is up to 80% full or a water tank is down to 20% full.


A new patented technology was designed into the HowFullAmI system. There are no moving parts or devices in contact with the liquid.


There’s no stick on tape, straps or devices inserted in the tank. These units may need adjusted to the height of your tank but will not need to be recalibrated in the future.


The  HowFullAmI tank gauge system is not magic but uses the age old physics of weighing the water. This is accomplished by measuring the pressure at the bottom of the tank from outside the tank and above the liquid  (U.S. Patent 6666085B1).


Some of these gauges have been in service for over five years with very few known failures and we expect to see very few failures in the future. Electronic parts do fail at times


The gauges mount in a standard 2 inch hole and use a small three wire cable to connect them to the sender unit.


Installation is outside the tank and made with standard PVC pipe fittings allowing for easy retrofit to replace failed systems or no systems.

Sender Unit   $179.00        Gauge   $68.00  Plus Shipping