The All Electric Houseboat


U.S. Patent 6957990

The Wisdom dock W.E.B. fleet now includes two all Electric Houseboats. They are very popular with their customers. The customer often rents the same boat for next year when they return to the dock.

These houseboats have six queen sized bedrooms with a full bath in each one. They  have electric appliances including a separate full sized stainless steel refrigerator and freezer.

They are propelled by a 100 HP 3 phase electric motor. An inverter motor controller sets the speed from about 100 RPM to 1800 RPM in forward or reverse based on the position of the joystick on the captains chair. This motor has constant torque at all speeds and will not change in speed due to a changing load. Consequently it has good stopping power.

The control panel in the helm is a PC computer with a flat panel monitor. The monitor has an outline of the boat with an arrow at the bottom or aft end of the boat that indicates the direction the out drive is pointed. At the bow end of the boat outline is another arrow that indicates the normal direction the bow would be headed with reference to the out drive position and population direction. The arrows are black in forward and blue in reverse and the bow arrow is red to indicate the bow thruster direction. Bar graphs indicate forward and reverse thrust levels for both population and the bow thruster.


All the gauges are bar graphs on the screen. Indicators for all the functions on the boat also are present on the screen along with a window containing the back up camera view.


The forward, reverse and steering are on the Captains chair Joystick. The bow thruster joystick is on the consol. Both are variable speed in both directions.

This is the power source for the houseboat. It is a 150KW diesel generator. It powers the boat and charges two batteries that weigh about 6000 lb. The batteries power the inverter that supplies all the house power including the heat pump when the generator is shut down. This diesel engine is closed loop keel cooled with heat exchangers to heat the hot tub and water heater.