Engineering services

The devices below are a few of the products designed and manufactured by Tri-L Electronics since it started in 1965.

A Police and fire radio converter. Set it next to an AM radio and receive police and fire calls. This converter was very popular in the cities during the riots of the late 60’s.

The 70’s we manufactured broadcast equipment, at the right is a portable mixer amplifier used to mix microphones to a video recorder and was carried by news crews. Radio broadcasters used this device on phone lines for athletic events. We also built magnetic strip camera recording amplifiers. Our amplifiers went with the news crews to cover President Nixon’s trip to China.

The device to the right is a shift control unit that

connects to a computer and drives the shift

motor on the assembly line for 4 wheel drive

transfer cases. This product was designed in 1996 and is still in production.  

Above is the Travel Charge. This battery charger was designed to charge handicap scooter

batteries from a 12V automotive system. It converts the 12 V system to a 24V battery charger with over charge protection and automatic shut down when the vehicle is not running. It has potted construction and will operate under water for out side of vehicle use if needed.

This is a carrier detect and delay to prevent the 911 systems from shutting down due to line glitches. Phone  companies have ordered these since 1995 and they are still in production.

Tri-L Electronics wrights software for machine control and other business applications. For example a Centrex billing system for government and business, phone bill control. A bank deposit system to replace the deposit book and store all credit card, checks, sales tax and category of sales deposit data. This data is printed on an 8.5” X 11” page in landscape format. The paper has a perforation down the left end so when separated the small end is the same size as a deposit slip with the magnetic ink account number. The deposit data is printed down the deposit slip and repeated on the depositors portion just to the right of the perforation. The check, credit card and category data is printed on the depositors portion. This software has been very successful for Wisdom Dock since 2000.