This is an electronic fish counter named the WARDEN, because it does the what a Game Warden or Conservation Officer does, only it counts your fish as you catch them and place them in your cooler or live well. The WARDEN is potted in an epoxy block, that makes it completely waterproof, and some what non destructible. The epoxy block is attached to a 4 PVC Pipe and a 4 PVC coupler. A shorter 4 PVC pipe extends below the coupler into the top of the cooler. After a fish is caught, it is placed into the top of the Warden, head first, it will pass by a rubber guide flap that is flexed downward to break an Inferred beam that is being reflected by a mirror back to an inferred detector. When that beam is broken, the WARDEN increments the count by 1 and illuminate the display for about 5 seconds. This 5 seconds is a very important part of the operation, it prevents multiple counts due to the fish flopping around as it passes through the WARDEN. While the display is illuminated the fish can not be counted again, also another fish placed in the WARDEN, would not be counted during that 5 seconds. The Red LED on the front is an indication that the beam is being reflected back to the detector.

The two stainless tips just below the LED are the switch to turn on the display, to view the count.

When you touch the two tips with one finger the display will be illuminated. The display being turned off is a battery saving feature. The current drain of the WARDEN is very low even when it is

Illuminated. The current from the boat battery is less then .1amp when the display is 888. With the display turned off it is even lower.


The WARDEN is shipped with an installation and operation instructions, and a fuse holder link.


The WARDEN may be ordered by phone, e-mail or mail. The price is $179.00 plus shipping. If shipped within Kentucky, sales tax will apply.

Patent Pending